keskiviikkona, heinäkuuta 26, 2006

Two weeks have passed

...But a lot has happened in the meantime! I didn't write back to Irina but still got three (or even four) emails from her. Three photos were also recieved and she seems to be a pretty russian woman :D I'm starting to realize what's wrong with the english in the emails: they seem to be just translated with a software or something, the words don't seem to fit together at all. That's make sense. "I listen the Madonna, Sher and
Russian executors."

Well well. I wrote back to her, let's see what happens next. I have also recieved three spams: ViagraXanaxCheaprmk ylgpec , j_HermesGucciChanel_d vdwb and w_ChloeFendiHermes_ee iehsedg . Woot woot! Let's answer to some of them too. So: in ~three weeks I'm slowly getting into this spam thing.

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