lauantaina, heinäkuuta 08, 2006

Account created

Okay I've taken the 1st step in this project: I created an account for MSN Live as (but without _'s, ,I don't need THAT much spam) and I'm waiting for the spam to hit me on any moment :D More aabout this later on, I'd say very very soon. I have to reach my workplace so I can continue writing this - and get paid :D Anyway, I just want to see how usable Hotmail is these days, how long does that 250mb last and do I get denied from all the places I send mail because the service itself ain't known for not letting people spam :D

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Man I have the same mails but in my yahoo mail. A Russia girl wrote me as same as you with very nice things... and well I still answering and got and answer back too. I'm from Perú and I speak spanish. This mails are very wierd man. If you have more information about this kind of mails write me at

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