lauantaina, heinäkuuta 08, 2006

Let's contact her!

Ok, this is it now: I'm writing my first answer to possible spam. It goes a little something like this:

Hey Irina!

I got your email and I got intrested in you because you like navigation - me too! How did you get my email address? It was a nice suprise anyway, I've been looking for new friends from all over the world - especially from Russia because it is a living and breathing country! Let me know more - and tell me what you do on your free time! My favourite hobbies (when not navigating) are horseback riding and fox hunting trips in UK!


It's going to be intresting to see what's to come after this one. When I wake tomorrow after the bronze medal match of tonight, do I have my Hotmail full of spam or something else? When I get my first 0EM or Viagra spam I'm going to answer to it too.

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