lauantaina, heinäkuuta 08, 2006

Getting into it

I'm taking a closer look to Hotmail's user interface right now. It seems like there's a bunch of MSN ads everywhere on the view. There's MSN Music, Hotmail Plus, MSN Search, "millions of ringtones" and so on. The Firefox I'm browsing on isn't running with Adblock G.Filterset so it might give this baby a little bit less cluttered face. Hotmail also thinks I'm immediately keen of using their calendar when I've decided to jump into the Hotmail wagon. That's just not correct, but there are a few buttons on the top bar that could be used to create a new appointment or a new contact. Well - the oontact buttons seems a little bit more reasonable but I sure as hell ain't going for Hotmail Calendar when I'm running on Google Calendar and am pretty satisfied (the UI still sucks...).

I don't really care for this Hotmail Today view that seems to be the basic preset. And the email that was waiting for me in the mailbox encourages people to use HTML when they send email for their grandma. That's also wrong: HTML based mail is not just ok but a source for possible abuse. Grr. Send mail -button is on top of the message, not below. Confusing. Back to work now, this is just a big mess this far.

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