torstaina, heinäkuuta 26, 2007

From my Gmail account...

Ok this is one of these mails again. From recognizable spoofed address,, I get some weird stuff from an unknovn girl.
It's Sasha.
i am here sitting in the internet caffe. Found your email and
decided to write. I am 25 y.o.girl.
I have a picture if you want. No need to reply here as
this is not may email. Write me at
Oh, it might be someone I really know. But let's write here from my another email instead of the one I normally use. And, my response:
Hi Sasha!
Where did you find my address? Maybe I've met you before, maybe not. I'm a guy from Sweden and I'm 27y.o. What do you do on your free time? I dive into shipwrecks and race with old cars. It is kind of nice that it is summertime now, I can't wait to see the Atlantic ocean!!
Please write back more about yourself,
It's nice to get back to this business again! Let's see how this works.

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